Semester at Sea

This seems as good a time as any to post. My blog will be taking a new direction. The new direction is travel and foreign culture. I have always loved traveling and feel I have traveled a lot for my age. I may eventually try to make a list of all the countries that I have visited.
My next great adventure is a trip to Italy and Greece with a cruise of the Mediterranean islands. I am going over spring break which is not that far away, so all of you social media kids following this blog will have the pleasure of following me on this trip via twitter, twitpic, utterli, posterous and google latitude (a pretty cool GPS app from google). You’ll be able to know exactly where I am and view a satellite photo! That trip will be great, but the trip that I am pushing my family into allowing me to go on is a semester at sea.
I would take all my classes aboard a ship that circles the globe! China, India, Egypt, Japan, Croatia and much more. Hopefully I’ll still be blogging away.
I may be switching this blog into more of a vlog shortly. I feel the personal interaction is much better than the written word in some instances.


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