Every Man is an Island

“Every man is an island. I stand by that. But clearly some men are island chains. Underneath, they are connected.”

Will (About a Boy) played by Hugh Grant

Well, I was aiming for a fancy metaphor to lead into my reasoning for my blog’s direction. I thought philosophically. I read several insightful lines from some popular works of old literature, searching high and low for a direction that interested me. Feeling a bit lost, I turned to one of my favorite pass-times, movies. But, not just any movie gets me thinking. There are two things required of a movie to gets this writer’s creative juices flowing. It must be British and talky. I’ve always had a weakness for British, talky films. The Brits use of language is much richer than ours. I admire them. More jealous really.
The quote above is from About a Boy, a film I really enjoy. Film junkies will tell you this movie is crap. They are also sheep.  Will, the movie’s main character, is describing his apartment as his own island. This sentiment has rang true in my college years. I always find myself in a really great space with no roommates.
This blog will be the thoughts of a modern day island dweller. This blog will only consist of the info/ideas/things that come across, travel through or visit my island.



1 Response to “Every Man is an Island”

  1. 1 Terri Sullivan
    January 31, 2009 at 9:00

    Looking forward to your island updates!

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